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Hi, I’m Karin

Welcome to my website and blog.
I assist people to create Wellness, Purpose and Abundance through powerful intentions and inspired actions!

I have worked in the Wellness, Health and Fitness area for 25 years now – it’s my passions. During that time I have also been using essential oils, cause I loved the smell.

It was not until I started using the Young Living Essential Oils I realised how powerful these drops are. I fell in love with the products. This lead me to sharing my passion with others as I know that everyone will benefit from living a wellness life with essential oils.  I simply love seeing people blossom in your essential oil and wellness journey too. This journey has been amazing for me and I know yours will be too.

I help people just like You to get started on their oily” wellness journey. I would love to help, support and guide You as well and welcome You into the aspire “Joy Dropping” team.

Click on the “join our team” button to join or simply send me a message and I will personally assist You.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you get started on your “oily” journey and a life full of wellness.

Karin xx

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“I had a deep tissue massage with Karin. One of the best massages I’ve ever had! And the results laster for days which is unusual for me. She used proper essential oils and the bed was comfortable. Karin is fabulous. I highly recommend her” – Emer

“Karin is knowledgeable and passionate about her business. She is caring and gentle and I will recommend her with 5 stars” – Laura

“Karin is an amazing Healer and Lifecoach who will motivate you to transform into your best self” – Mandy

“Karin is very professional. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to create a positive healthy lifestyle. Karin’s numerous modalitites ensures you have the very best in expertise” – Jeff