Stay healthy – Body, Mind, Spirit

Stay healthy – Body, Mind, Spirit

Now more than ever it’s important to take care of our body, mind and spirit.

We are going through a time of Transformation – times of change. 

The world is changing; like it or not, struggle with it or not….this is the time to awaken our body, mind and spirit!

The Yoga guru B.S.K Iyengar said 

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open”.

Being healthy and feeling good and in harmony, requires so much more than physical health, but having a healthy body certainly helps that is for sure. 

Today I was in Geelong doing a few errands and as I was looking around in a few different area, a few things struck me. Firstly, how this period we are going through right now is changing the world. Business will close, people are losing their jobs, mental and emotional distress is high for many.  I was feeling blessed to be in the situation I am, yet I am up for more change and challenges with many big decision to make and changes to make and more transformation to go through. 

It’s not easy to be challenged once again (yes, it’s not my first time) but I feel blessed that I have health and that is not just physical health I talk about – it’s that I have the ability to pull myself out of a negative mindset when it hits me. I count my blessings and I call upon that “Viking Warrior Spirit”! 

This Viking Warrior Spirit awakens through challenges, through times of change and transformation. 

I have it, but I know you have it as well!  I have so much I can share with you and I cannot wait to help more people – perhaps even you – with strategies to “Transform their Wellness”. It covers so much and I will guide you one step at a time.

For now, here are some simple things you can start by incorporating in your life:

– Move your body mindfully every day.
– Wake up and smile in your mirror
– Think about 3 things you are so very grateful for – feel it in your heart
– Spend time in silence
– Spend lots of time in nature – forest/ocean…
– Sleep peacefully
– Do things your love
– Smell Essential Oils daily – many times a day!
– Always now that “all is well and nothing is permanent”
– Fuel your body with alive and healthy food
– Remove toxins from your home and your personal care routine
– Connect to your inner “Viking Warrior Spirit” – I will teach you how to do this…. 

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For now, I send you lots of love and light,

Karin xx  “The Viking Warrior Spirit”


Chakra balancing with Essential Oils – Sacral Chakra

Chakra balancing with Essential Oils – Sacral Chakra

The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and translates to “wheel” or “disk,”.
Chakras references a spiritual energy center within the human body, of which there are seven along the spine, and through the neck and the crown of your head.


There are 7 main Chakras and today I wanted to talk about the second of the seven chakras. This chakra is
located in the midline of your body, about three inches below your navel and is called the Sacral Chakra.

This sacral Chakra is associate with the colour Orange and the element of water.
When this Chakra is aligned or balanced – you feel great! You are passionate, friendly, full of wellness, abundance, pleasure and joy.

When this Sacral Chakra is blocked or out of under active – you feel uninspired and have some emotional instability. You may feel inability to cope with life’s changes and experience a sense of lack of control. There are many ways you can balance this chakra.

One of my favourite ways are to use Essential Oils.
You can simply anoint your Sacral Chakra point with a drop or two of Young Living’s Orange, Ylang Ylang, Inner Child, Sensation or Harmony Essential Oil. These are why favourite ones by far.

Harmony is created to balance all the chakras. Sensation is an amazing blend that inspires self-love and enhances pleasure, Orange is a joyful oil, Ylang Ylang helps to balance the female and male energies – it’s the yin/yang of essential oils, Inner Child helps heal emotional wounds often linked from childhood.

Other ways to balance this Chakra is using crystals such as Citrine, Carnelian and Orange Calcite. Immersing yourself in water is also a beautiful way to clear this chakra and so is doing particular poses in Yoga such as sacred pelvic circles, bound angel pose and cobra.