A day of healing discovery and wellness

A day of healing discovery and wellness

Sunday the 28th of April we came together for a day of healing, wellness, essential oils, yoga and sound healing meditation. This amazing day was held on the beautiful Surfcoast in Anglesea. Take a look at the pictures from the day below.

If you missed out on this wonderful day – you can now book in for the next one which is held Sunday the 19th of May. This date is very popular and is close to full. So please make sure you contact us to book asap.

Here some information about the day – 19th of May 2019;
It’s a 1-day Wellness RETREAT in Anglesea – in the memorial hall 1A McMillan Street

The day start at 10 am and finishes at around 4.30pm.

This day is for women who want to>>>

– empower their wellness
– have some time out for some self nurturing
– learn the amazing benefits of using Essential Oils in their daily like to support their body, mind and spirit
– experience a powerful chakra clearing Sound healing meditation with Essential Oils
– have some time near the ocean on the beautiful Surfcoast
– connect with like minded people
– to feel the benefit of “time out”
– to start their wellness journey
– who want to learn about toxic free living

This workshop includes notes, snacks & tea.

The workshop is FREE when you purchase your first set of Essential Oils Pack with us (comes with a stunning Diffuser, 11 oils, Super Juice, Hand sanitiser & a wholesale membership + a free wellness coaching with Karin).
This pack is valued at over $400 but you will get it for only $270!! The pack needs to be ordered 1 week before the retreat day as you will be using the oils during the course of the day at times.

If you do want to attend this amazing day but don’t want to have the absolutely amazing pack – then you pay $195 for the day.
Think carefully before you do this as most people want a pack after attending the day and then you are up for the $195 plus the pack!

This is a powerful Healing day! Very Blissful! Very informative and Heartfelt.

Karin Hagberg who is running this day has 25 years of experience in the Wellness Field, as a Wellness/Essential oil and Lifestyle & Food COACH, Pilates/Yoga/Meditation teacher, AromaFreedom Technique & Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Remedial Massage Therapist.

She runs Wellness Retreats, Intention Setting & Vision Board Workshop, Essential Oils Workshops, Manifest Wellness through powerful intention programs, Reiki Courses, Yoga/Pilates Classes & of course has a Wellbeing Centre & Shop in Torquay – Aspire Wellbeing

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/aroma-yoga-meditation-healing-1-day-aroma-retreat-tickets-56468717454?fbclid=IwAR0xp50vxITwfuY4HCieL6DzYoKuN_Uaahtl6XzJCXHm8tKAiBS2-Q5U1mQ

Aroma Balance Wellbeing women’s Bliss 1-day Retreat

Aroma Balance Wellbeing women’s Bliss 1-day Retreat

Last Saturday I held the first Aroma Balance 1-day Women’s Bliss Retreat at the amazing RACV Resort in Torquay, Surfcoast, Victoria in Australia. What a lovely day it turned out to be and I wanted to thank all the beautiful women who attended this day. I also want to thank Karlene – the Naturopath, Jaquie Dreessens from Wild Moves and Sara Dingle (my daughter) for being part of this day and making it turn out the way it did.

The day started with a welcome and breathing practise, followed by a Body Awakening Yoga Session with Essential Oils to enhance the experience. Then the women got to learn about the importance of nutrition and how our gut health affect our wellness. Beautiful lunch was to follow and after that I shared my tips for achieving Ultimate Wellbeing in life. Then Jacquie guided us though an amazing dance session – we got to learn the King Fisher Boogie 🙂 It was loads of fun and laughter. I finished the day with a guided Meditation/Hypnosis session.

I feel so blessed to be able to empower women.

The feedback has been amazing and I am already planning another one for 2019. Make sure you contact us for information,

Here are some photos and they speak louder than words.