An exclusive event for the aspire “joy droppers” team

An exclusive event for the aspire “joy droppers” team

Artemis wants to get to know our Joy Droppers team, so she’s coming to Torquay!!! She’d love to meet you, and will be putting on a fabulous event exclusively for our team. She’ll share from her heart, and show you some amazing tips with the Young Living oils which will make a huge difference in your life. She’ll answer questions, and will lead you in a very special plant meditation, so that you can discover why a particular oil is calling to you.

If you’ve ever heard Artemis present before, you’ll understand when I say this is an event you will absolutely want to attend.

Artemis weaves magic with her presentations, and you’ll be guaranteed to float out the door afterwards.
Artemis is one of the shining lights in Young Living – her love affair with the Young Living oils started in 1998, and she’s spent the past 2 decades travelling the world visiting many of Young Living’s farms, learning from Gary Young himself, and teaching classes to thousands of people.

Please join us for an evening of healing, laughter, learning, essential oils and Spirit.
Tuesday 4th Feb
6.30pm – 8.30pm, with questions and nibblies after (finishing at 9pm)
Venue: Aspire Wellbeing, 4/19 Gilbert Street, Torquay
Cost: $10

Don’t miss this event. We have limited spots!! Book Now by clicking here >>>>

NOTE: This is an exclusive event for the “Joy droppers” – anyone who has gotten started with the wonderful Young Living Essential Oils with Karin Hagberg or any of her team members.

If you really want to be part of this team but have not yet gotten started on your Essential Oil journey yet, make sure you contact me, Karin Hagberg on 0419-362136, and I will happily share how you can become of this amazing team and attend this exclusive event.

Make your own Perfume using Essential Oils

Make your own Perfume using Essential Oils


I love wearing Essential Oils as perfumes and I love blending them myself. Not just do they smell amazing, they also have a positive effect on my mood. Did you know that aromas have a powerful effect on us. Unlike all of our other senses, our sense of smell is the one sense that communicates directly with the limbic region of our brain. Often thought of as our subconscious, this is where we store our memories and their associated emotions.

As soon as that lid comes off the bottle of essential oil and your nose is registering the aroma, it’s already creating magic in your mind…stimulating, calming and uplifting you, arousing memories, and evoking a response.


The Ancient Egyptians understood the power of aromas, and they believed that the more beautiful they smelled, the more their Gods would bestow abundance and good fortune on them. They would compete with each other for their Gods’ favour, creating amazing signature scents which were all based on essential oils.

There is a bit of an art to make a beautiful scents, it comes down to blending the oils the best way, with base, middle and top notes.

I am running a workshop in Torquay on Wednesday the 27th of October. It will be so much fun!

Come an Join us.
My visit to Salt Lake City and the Young Living International Convention

My visit to Salt Lake City and the Young Living International Convention

On the 15th of July 2019 my trip to Salt Lake City started. This was a trip that I got paid for by Young Living as I participated in the Young Living Leadership Academy which meant that we had to complete and achieve certain things in a period of 6 months. It was an exciting journey as I had some major things happening in my business and I was forced to rebuild in one months time to meet the criteria to win the trip and the accomodation.
I had visualised and included the Young Living Farm on my vision board and now I was on the way. I was so excited to finally get to visit a farm.

The journey went well apart from more than expected turbulence on the way into Salt Lake City. Apparently this has to do with the surrounding Rocky Mountains.
After a night’s rest it was time for us to visit the farm – the Mona Farm.
The farm experience was something I will never forget and that I can’t wait to see some of my downline members experience in the time to come.
I had to of course take the “Lavender Photo” that everyone seem to do when they visit the farm. It did not end up being a jump in the Lavender Farm fields as many people seem to do, but I took the ones below.

It was absolutely amazing weather and the flowers on the farm was stunning plus of course the mountains with snow in the background.

At the farm we had a chance to look at and purchase products, look at he plants, horses, performances, have a lovely lunch, have Ningxia Slushies (see above) made of loads of Ningxia, essential oils and ice and of course lots more.

During the following days I got to experience the unbelievable Convention  Expo where you could visit all the different products stores which was unbelievable.

And of course the Convention in itself that was held overnight for a few nights. This was held at the Eccles Stadium so it could fit in between 40 – 50,000 people! Wow! Can you imagine how the atmosphere was?! I have never been surrounded by so many “oilers” before. 🙂

Below are some photos from the convention and the expo.

I got to meet my friend Lesley that I did the AromaFreedom technique course with . Leslie is from Texas and was so incredibly lovely. I can’t wait to meet her again!

As I as talking to Leslie Dr. Oli and his wife came up and “Diamond dusted” us – we received a copy of his new book for free. Lucky us!

The weather was stunning in Utah and as the days were full of presentations, I only got a few minutes to enjoy the warm sun. Lovely!

Such lovely staff at the expo. Happy and Smiling! 🙂

Here I am with Jen O’Sullivan, author and Essential Oil Educator. I bought her bundle of books at the AromaShare Expo.

Here is Dr. Perkins and I. I studied his Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner Course and finished it last year. What a pleasure to meet him in person.

I also got to visit the Young Living head office. Unbelievable new building! It even had a water fall inside!

A shared room with this lovely lady, Wendy Brooke that travelled from New Zealand here.

The convention was amazing! So many happy people and presentations.

This was an experience that I won’t forget and that I will look forward to seeing other Joy droppers have in the future!



This week’s workshop

This week’s workshop

I used to have a Golden Retriever and she really was my best friend. I absolutely love her and we were so close. This was just before I got started to live the Young Living lifestyle, so I never had the opportunity to use oils and these wonderful products with her. But one thing that I know for sure is that it’s equally as important to look after our pets health to they can live a happier, healthier life.

My friend Kelly from Blissful Paws loves her dog also and she actually used to look after my dog Millie at times. It was not until after Kelly got involved in the oils I started talking to others who used the Young Living products when I realised that it’s beneficial for the dogs too. Kelly has now the experience herself as she uses it for herself but also her dog.

We and now getting together to run this workshop workshop together and we are inviting you to join us. For you who are too far away, we will organise a Webinar for so comment below with expression of interest.

We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps seeing you on Wednesday the 26th of Torquay.

Millie and Karin Hagberg



Toxic Free Living for Dogs and their Human friends

Wednesday the 26th of June 6.30 – 8.15pm approx. at Aspire Wellbeing

There is nothing more special than the love we receive form our dogs. In return we want to give them the very best care, helping them to achieve vibrant health, peak agility and longevity….naturally….just as we want for ourselves as well.

In this workshop you will learn how the Young Living Essential oils can be used on your furry friend (and yourself) as they are pure, unadulterated and therapeutic grade.
You will find out what is safe to use and how you can create a toxic free environment, how to turn your dog’s carry cage into a haven, how to keep them cool and keep their coat healthy and shiny, their teeth and ears clean and also how the oils can benefit them during competition and training and lots more.

Kelly Wise from Blissful Paws will share her experience with essential oils for dogs and Karin Hagberg will share her knowledge and passion for wellness and toxic free living with essential oils.

You will of course also learn how you can benefit yourself by using nature’s magic drops and how to create a toxic free environment for yourself.

You will walk away with a couple of gifts – a healthy skin spray and cleaning spray.

Your investment is only $20 each.
We have limited numbers for this workshop (10 people) so be quick to book your spot now.
Everyone goes into the draw of winning a door prize!


Karin xx


A day of healing discovery and wellness

A day of healing discovery and wellness

Sunday the 28th of April we came together for a day of healing, wellness, essential oils, yoga and sound healing meditation. This amazing day was held on the beautiful Surfcoast in Anglesea. Take a look at the pictures from the day below.

If you missed out on this wonderful day – you can now book in for the next one which is held Sunday the 19th of May. This date is very popular and is close to full. So please make sure you contact us to book asap.

Here some information about the day – 19th of May 2019;
It’s a 1-day Wellness RETREAT in Anglesea – in the memorial hall 1A McMillan Street

The day start at 10 am and finishes at around 4.30pm.

This day is for women who want to>>>

– empower their wellness
– have some time out for some self nurturing
– learn the amazing benefits of using Essential Oils in their daily like to support their body, mind and spirit
– experience a powerful chakra clearing Sound healing meditation with Essential Oils
– have some time near the ocean on the beautiful Surfcoast
– connect with like minded people
– to feel the benefit of “time out”
– to start their wellness journey
– who want to learn about toxic free living

This workshop includes notes, snacks & tea.

The workshop is FREE when you purchase your first set of Essential Oils Pack with us (comes with a stunning Diffuser, 11 oils, Super Juice, Hand sanitiser & a wholesale membership + a free wellness coaching with Karin).
This pack is valued at over $400 but you will get it for only $270!! The pack needs to be ordered 1 week before the retreat day as you will be using the oils during the course of the day at times.

If you do want to attend this amazing day but don’t want to have the absolutely amazing pack – then you pay $195 for the day.
Think carefully before you do this as most people want a pack after attending the day and then you are up for the $195 plus the pack!

This is a powerful Healing day! Very Blissful! Very informative and Heartfelt.

Karin Hagberg who is running this day has 25 years of experience in the Wellness Field, as a Wellness/Essential oil and Lifestyle & Food COACH, Pilates/Yoga/Meditation teacher, AromaFreedom Technique & Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Remedial Massage Therapist.

She runs Wellness Retreats, Intention Setting & Vision Board Workshop, Essential Oils Workshops, Manifest Wellness through powerful intention programs, Reiki Courses, Yoga/Pilates Classes & of course has a Wellbeing Centre & Shop in Torquay – Aspire Wellbeing


A lovely day in Melbourne

A lovely day in Melbourne

On Saturday the 6th of April I was up in Melbourne for the Young Living Live your Passion Rally. Me and a few other Young Living leaders had been planning for this event for a couple of months before hand. This day is all about sharing the passion we have for the Young Living lifestyle with all of our members and also any other people who want to come along.

It turned up to be such a lovely day. First of all it was so lovely to be surrounded with like minded people with huge passion to educate other people about wellness and essential oils.

The display table looked amazing with all the Young Living products and then we also had tables with lovely snacks and drinks. Everyone who came along certainly got spoilt as they also walked away with a FREE gift.

The best part of the day was when we got a surprise visit from Young Living’s general manager from Sydney – Kristen Tod and her husband. That was certainly a surprise! What a lovely one and what a pleasure. Everyone even got a chance to ask her questions. What an honour to have her coming to our event in Melbourne.

I was one of the three speakers on the day. You can watch the Youtube clip below.

I can’t wait for the journey to continue and to welcome anyone of you who want to be part of this amazing lifestyle.

Click here to get started on your Essential Oil and Wellness journey >>>>

Below you can watch my presentation and you can check out the photos below.

Photos from the day: